The chairman of the chamber of trade got together with some local business owners to try and help put on more events in Wareham throughout the summer for the locals as well as visitors to the town. After a few meetings back in 2011 Wareham Wednesdays was formed and has got bigger & better each year.

Once Wareham Wednesdays was off the ground and making money through kind donations, the bar and the BBQ we were able to start donating to local causes. Some of the original committee members are still involved today.

The team

Amy Steele

Ant Pack

Carl Cahill

Chris Fuller

Colin Godwin

Dan Jones

Dave Burgess

Dave Randall

John Lambert

Jude Marquet

Kevin Randall

Mark Hamblin

Mike Richards

Niall Lewis

Nicky Morgan

Nigel Smith

Paul Davis

Ron King

Tom Dillon