Welcome to our 7th year of Wareham Wednesday’s fund raising…

Once again I am very excited to be Chairman of Wareham Wednesdays’; and to be part of the fantastic team that brings you these fabulous events on Wednesday evenings. I am particularly excited to tell you about our 2017 summer entertainments.

Over the previous years we’ve learnt a lot about how to provide the people of Wareham with great entertainment whilst always making the events safe and family friendly. However we are always striving to come up with new ideas and progress the WW events to become bigger and better and not the same old thing year after year…….

Therefore – Please be ready for this year’s Exciting, Bigger & Better Summer Events.

Our amazing committee of volunteers that spends endless hours organising – have continued to push our Wareham Wednesdays Events and this year you will NOT be Disappointed!!!!

I don’t want to give too much away, leaving you all begging to know more …… Well you’ll just have to come and see. However we are doing the following:

This year we are raising the bar again by bringing on board a company called ‘Sound & Light’ who will be providing us with an amazing ‘Festival Sized Stage and Lighting Experience’ which will certainly take our live music and bands sound quality and shows the next level. We are very excited about this whole new live music experience.

We will now be able to provide the children’s Interactive Wii Dance with this new stage – which is also a new idea and I’m sure all the parents will also find hard not to join in with. Watch out this year is going to be spectacular!!!

We are also adding to the selection of food stalls and other exciting attractions that you will be able to perusal your way around during the Wednesday evenings. I’m not saying anymore ….. but there will be something for everyone taste to keep you energy levels high.

The classic Tug-Of- War and Raft Race, will still be running this year as these are both popular and crowd pleasers. Feel free to enter a team – but be where the two baths nailed together are looking more streamline for this year’s race… And will the Army boys be back this year to retain their title?
Who knows …….. But great to watch !!!

We are pleased to say that we also have some new committee members to help us in the organisation and planning and to get the WW brand taken to new levels. We are very excited to have Carl Cahill on board – who is currently transforming our website and social media sites – to give us better exposure before, during and after the events have taken place. Thank you Carl. (carlcahill.com).

Our other new member is Tom Dillion (Local Gardening, Fencing and Patio Man)– who will be helping on the smooth running of the evenings procedures. Thanks again Tom – we will greatly appreciate your help.

To continue the WW events we still need your support to enable us to raise money to give back to the local community. This was of course the whole reason for starting these events in the first place. So please make the effort to join us throughout the summer events.

Our first 2017 event is helping out with the MS Family Day which takes place at Wareham Quay on Saturday 22rd July – where we will be continuing the daytime events on into the evening with music from Local Band ‘Brass Monkeys’ and ‘Jim Etherington’. And the usual gang serving you food and beers during the evening until our first firework display of the season.

Then our first WW evening crashes off on Wednesday 26th July with a Street Festival & RNLI Duck Race and our legendary Raft Race with music from the ‘KMK – Kaiser Chiefs – and ‘Wheres Clive’ Wareham own popular band. Then, as always finishing the evening with a spectacular firework display.

The following week (Wednesday 2nd August) is our first ‘Kids Dancing Competition’ with the new stage providing the Visual Wii Fit by Projector. A Punch & Judy show and Live music with ‘Stereoironics’ (Tribute Band) and ‘The Prairie Dogs’.

We are very excited about Wednesday 16th August with the ‘Poole Pirates Invasion’ which has progressed over the years and this year a real spectacular show has been organised. We are particularly pleased to be raising money on this night as all proceed will be going to the Cancer Research and the Cancer Wards in Wareham and Poole Hospital. Live music will be performed by Oasiss, Finnian and Funkbusters.

Our finale night on Wednesday 30th August will be our special favourite and crowd puller ‘NAVI’ – Our own personal Michael Jackson Tribute Band. Navi has been with us for 5 years now and we are just as excited to see him perform on our much larger stage this year.

I would like to thank all our sponsors again this year for advertising in our official WW programme.

Also everyone who has already spent endless hours organising the superb events that we now have lined up. Local sponsorship is also very welcome and goes a long way in helping some of the charities we support. So if you have a local business and would like to get on board then we would very much like to talk to you.

We are always looking for additional volunteers to assist us with the events. So if you are a local with a few hours to spare on a Wednesday evening we would very much appreciate your help and you too, could become one of the legendary ‘Yellow Coats’.

Please give us your support this summer and please don’t be shy to chuck a couple of quid into the buckets because without your support and money our events just wouldn’t be possible!!! Thanks again for all your support – we look forward to seeing you all for another fantastic summer of fun.

Dave Burgess